Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[100606] Super Junior at Singapore Airport [FanAccount]

This is my 2nd time seeing the boys after SSII M'SIA, haha I arrive at the gate 10 minutes before the flight landed, so I'm quite safe Around 2.10ish I was zooming to terminal 3 from terminal 2, which took me 20 minutes to check in and all.. There were a couple of girls waiting at the arrival gate as well, couple of staffs and quite a number of police and guards.

It was an experience for me, I got my passport checked by some official o.O which scared the sh*t out of me and decided not to take out my camera. But also since SSII, I was concentrating to much on taking pictures and videoing, I forgot I was watching the concert myself.. So yeah I didn't take any pictures or videos.. What was actually pretty much 2minutes felt like a lo~ng time..

So after the normal passengers alight, btw there were alot of couple wearing couple tees and actually look good in them.. The actual passengers didn't know SJ was on the flight and they went 슈퍼 주니어 왔어 and tooked out their cameras.. ahha

So after a while the boys came out >.< It was Teuk, Sungmin, Yesung, Heechul, Ryeowook, Siwon, Shinding, Eunhyuk and Donghae. I didn't see Min cuz he has walking behind Teuk and Manager, and I was practically starring at Teuk since he look super amazing!! He's really white, and when i waved at him he smiled and waved back at me *melts* *sorry minnie!* I didn't 'see' Yesung as well, he was decked out in all black with a cap and sunnies, so I thought he was one of the Manager.. hahah the boys need to stop wearing sunnies indoor :p you too Minnie

So i just keep walking back to look for Min *fail Minnie fan* then walked along Eunhyuk since he was pretty much last and Hae wasn't at my side.. He was playing with his phone, it was a white flip phone, so i guess he's go 2 phones with his iPhone.. He was shining like Teuk was, and really charming too.. Hae was walking behind him, but no EunHae action but close enough :p Oh, Hae and Shindong didn't have good skin like the others.. Must've have been too much make up :P

Then I walked up front to Siwon's side, he was carrying a red bag on his back and had this serious aura around him. I've never really like him from the start so I didn't stayed for long next to him.. And he didn't waved back at me like Teuk did.. haha and when I was looking at Shindong all i could think of was his girlfriend Nari.. haha not sure why :p He had his hair tied up with his facial hair.. and looking chubby :) hahah

So I moved to Ryeonggu's side.. He's really cute with his hat just like a kid! Oh the eternal magnae.. hahah Heechul is really pretty!! It's no wonder people mistaken him as a girl.. Seeing first hand and so close was really :D He looked very long and lean.. His weed coloured hair looked good too.. kekeke and he was carrying his "hee" canvas bag.. I moved up front again to see Teuk Min and Yesung's back for a while then they went down the escalators and to the bus.. 

Everyone didn't looked tall since I was 170, only Siwon was towering over him.. I think Ryeowook seemed the smallest and maybe Donghae too.. hehe.. I couldn't actually say anything at them, I was in partial shock.. I didn't think I'd actually see them so close like 30cm away from them!

Maybe I'll get a chance to get a close look at Min next time :D I've got permission for SSIII alrdy.. :D

credit; sjpinkprincess @ sj-world.net

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