Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[100606] Super Junior at Samsung Galaxy Showcase In Singapore [FanAccount]

Before the Showcase

The showcase was set to start at 730pm
Heard 60-70 ELF started to queue on Saturday night at 630pm
My friend went down at 9 plus to check out the place and the person in charge there said they can leave their names there
but need to be there before 730am the next day in order for the queue number to be valid
many ELF reached Marina Bay Sands (MBS) before 730am the next day
there weren't any seat numbers tagged to the tickets so the only way to be nearer to them was to queue up earlier
But it was quite orderly and there wasn't any chaos.i think
there were random screams here and there, according to my friend, lol
think the boys reached Singapore at around 230pm?
at first there were news tt their plane was delayed and would reach only at around 330pm
but seems tt i wasn't delayed..that much
they headed to MBS straight away
i was lucky to get a VIP ticket , so i reached MBS at around 5pm
the guest queues were already segmented into blocks and rows of three orderly
there were 2 entrances, one for guest and the other for VIP/Media ticket holders
Soon after, i saw many ppl carrying shooting devices entering the hall, which means the press conference is starting

Inside the venue

they let us in at around 6pm which is 1½ hrs before the start of the showcase
the format of the whole thing was pretty weird 
they kept showing sorry sorry and bonamana mv
and there's this interview clip of them in last last week's mcore clothes (kyu was in it too)
they said a bit of english..and i thought teuk's intro was the cutest..heh
thn they said something tgt in english..about the showcase, samsung, singtel etc
and hyuk was doing this weird hand movement when he was talking in english
like the hand movement he always does when he raps ( does tt help him speak better? xp )
the MCs came out at around 7plus and talked to us abit
then they told us to practise the birthday song for wook
but the korean version of the birthday song they were teaching sounds alien to us
( nt the one we always hear )
so we totally ignored tt ver when we eventually sang the song for him xp
while waiting for the boys, they gave out signed posters and albums to a few lucky fans
think the showcase only started near to 8pm?
they said the boys needed to thicken their eyeliners etc aft the press conf..and need to go toilet cos there are 9 of them
so they need more time..lol
oh and the stage had this "Super Junior" in white block letters at the back


they sang a total of 5 songs
1. Bonamana 2. It has to be you - Yesung 3. Rukkugo - SJ-T 4. Pajama Party 5. Sorry Sorry (Remix)
Bonamana live was as awesome as ever
despite the fact that i could nearly hear them..but at least i get to see them
im nt sure if the stage was too small or what, but they kept bumping into each other..haha
esp teuk's part, where he flipped his hair, and thn it was heenim's part
they were supposed to lean on each other..but i think heenim leaned too hard, i could hear the "bang!" sound >.<
wook kept knocking into heenim also
i kept staring at hyuk's eye liner..for some reason..lol
after the song ended, they greeted the fans
hae was abit late, so there was no room for him (unless he goes to the side)
and of course, he'll choose a nice spot 
he pushed yesung aside and squeezed in between to stand beside hyuk. EUNHAE!! keke
teuk did most of the talking,as usual, but i couldn't hear him at all =.=
they mentioned going to have a concert in Singapore and hae kept nodding XP
they said something, and siwon hugged the female MC omo.gif
and hae wanted to come out also..but he missed the timing..haha! so cute XP
and he was a little embarrassed i think ♥ 
then heenim signaled him to come out again..and he did..but heenim hugged him instead :))
eunhae was meddling with each others clothes
because hae's top is very low cut, hyuk tried pulling it to make him reveal his chest..lol
well he succeeded. in making hae reveal his...nipples.. omg.gif 
hae tried to make hyuk reveal some parts of his body too..but hyuk was all wrapped up.haha
the interaction between those two are just so sweet ( i think this was the best moment i caught..hehe)
everyone was screaming their names when they were talking..
they shouted for heenim, but he didn't respond, no response for cinderella also
but when they shouted heesica, he responded..lol and did a little bit of his smirk >.<
shindong kept looking at my area's direction
but he gave the serious and spaced out look.lol
i forgot when they brought out the cake ( its this cake with a white grand piano made of white chocolate on top, the grand piano was pretty big)
and when we sang in broken korean, sungmin gave the shocked expression
and i thought it was really sweet of him ^^
they smeared the cream on ryeowook's face & threw confetti on him too!
the rest of the boys ate a little bit of the cake too
throughout the rest of the performance, they kept moving to the front of the stage
teuk was the first one to reach out his hand so fans could touch it..haha
but the security came and he had to move back, same for siwon
the rest of the boys came really close too ^^
during pajama party, siwon took a camera from one of the camera man
and started filming the boys on stage and the fans below too
thn he moved on to film himself and hae helped him..lol
during yesung's solo, he seemed pretty nervous
maybe cos he couldn't hear himself properly
he kept adjusting him ear mic, and he was pretty low profile throughout the whole showcase :'(
towards the end of the performance when they were about to leave the stage, they waved to the fans 
teuk said this in english " i say samsung you say singtel.." 
so when he shouted samsung, we shouted singtel.lol
he did that twice, once earlier and once before he left
teuk was 'eating' confetti too.lol. i can't believe i saw it live!hha
in the middle of the interview, they mentioned samsung and singtel 
and the boys went to the middle of the stage, where those VVIPs ( aka samsung heads and singtel heads) are
and bowed to them..wook even did a heart shape for them!! XDD
hyuk was the last to leave the stage and he gave a thumbs up for the fans ♥♥♥

Fan account by cleaver487 @ SJ-WORLD.net
Take out with full credits and do not add your own!

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