Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[Eng Sub]Siwon being a gentleman and playful Shindong during Singapore's press conference

After watching tons of fancams, I'm sure you readers are quite confused what actually happened during the press conference and what did Super Junior actually said. It is quite impossible to hear all of the translator's words so i've subbed the videos so that you guys can know what's going on during the press conference.

During the press conference, Siwon showed his ' gentleman' attitude by handing his mike to one of the reporters when the mike had some problems. Shindong was also seen playing with the phone, trying out the effects and this made the host and the reporters laugh. 

As expected, Super Junior is called a ' professional spokesperson' by the reporters as they can answer any questions that the reporters throw out and Leeteuk will always be able to link back to the main topic- the phone.

Super Junior has left a good impression to Singapore's press and they are also happy and honoured to be able to interview such top stars.

Reported by: Ting18♥ @ DKP
Credit: SuperTing13 @ YT

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