Saturday, July 3, 2010

[100626] Zhou Mi’s SINA Update

周觅_SJM:三度去医院,原来声带比我想象中病的还严重..重要的是不知道怎么得上的,也不知道怎么治….昨天和妈妈在家里想了好多,看着妈妈这么担心 心里真不好受…一晚上没睡觉,希望一切都能恢复好….2号我还是会飞去广州工作,希望能坚持下来…祈祷…

周觅_SJM:The third time going to the hospital, it seemed like the vocal cords are in a more serious condition than what I thought… The most important thing is, don’t even know why is it like that, and doesn’t know how to cure it… Was thinking alot about it yesterday at home with mother, seeing her being so worries, (my) heart really doesn’t feel good… Didn’t sleep the whole night, hope that everything can resume/ recover… I will still fly to GuangZhou to work on the 2nd, hope can still carry on/ hold on…. Pray…

Credit: Zhou Mi’s SINA WeiBo
Translated by: minoko2440 @

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