Saturday, July 3, 2010

[100626] Kyuhyun & Ryeowook’s UFO replies [total 6 replies]

5 replies from Kyuhyun

ELF: Gege, all of you must live blissfully~ do visit China often, I love all of you! Kyuhyun gege, can you give me a reply~ wuwu*
Kyuhyun: Okay, okay I think I’ll go to China this year.**

*sound effect, like the sound of the wind
**replied in hanyu pinyin. I’m not really sure what the extra ‘mo’ in his reply means either, so if you have a better intepretation, do PM me, thank you! (:

ELF: Ai*~Kyuhyun oppa…I missed you! Don’t know how to continue studying…(my) mind’s full of you! Let’s get married!
Kyuhyun: I miss you too~~ ^^**

*sound effect
**replied in hanyu pinyin.

ELF: Kyuhyun (,) Ryeowook I’ll love you two till forever.
Kyuhyun: forever!^^*

*replied in English

ELF: When will gege give me a reply? If you reply (,) I wouldn’t eat for a week!
Kyuhyun: Do eat! ! ^^

ELF: Keep having bad dreams…can’t sleep…don’t dare to shut my eyes…(it’s) really scary…Kyuhyun what are you doing? Really miss you…
Kyuhyun: I miss you..^^*

*replied in hanyu pinyin.

& 1 mass reply from Ryeowook

Ryeowook: Everyone~ thank you ve~ry much for (your) birthday wishes. As I have all of you accompanying me by my side all the time (I’m) really blissful! Thank you~~

Source: Kyuhyun baidu bar & SJ baidu bar
Translation: bulletproof@