Friday, May 21, 2010

[100521] Heechul and Sungmin's Twitter Update

 일등 먹었음 정말 팬녀석들한테 큰 고마움을 느껴!! 니들이 짱 먹어라!! 물론 최고위는 이몸이다
we got the first place. I feel really thankful to our fans!! You guys are the best!!  Of course I'm the one on very top


슈퍼주니어 1위! 감사해요 정말...너무 행복하고..그동안 불안했던 맘이 다 녹는거같아요~!사랑합니다!! 

Super Junior first place! Thank you really...I'm so happy..and everything i worried for is gone now~! I love you!!

Source; @Heedictator, @myblacksmile
translation; @TwELFs

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