Friday, May 21, 2010

Shindong was a Back-dancer for Hyunsook Before Audition to SM

It has become a topic after Super Junior Shindong’s personal history is revealed on a show from a cable TV. On the show SBS E!TV “Star Q10″, Super Junior members had talked about their background has become a hot topic, especially when singer Hyunsook revealed that Shindong once was her back-dancer on the stage before he got an award at a contest of SM and become a trainee there. At the meeting with the producer, they asked Hyunsook about Shindong at that time and she said “Of course I remember him” and “At that time whenever I went to the practicing room I only can see him practiced very hard”. Also it was known that Shindong got a 1-year shorter training time than the other members but because he practiced so hard, he could be the way he is right now.

Hyunsook is a famous trot singer

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