Friday, June 11, 2010

[100606][FanAccount] SJ - Singtel/Samsung Showcase in Singapore

When I woke up on the day of the showcase, I checked facebook around 9am and reports were that were already people who starting queuing from 7am in the morning. I was planning to get there around 3pm so this definitely was not a good start to the day.

Sure enough, when we got there at 3pm it was crazy. Fans were screaming at every single bus that came through the drive-way and the queue located in the shopping centre next door looked something like a snake-like straw. We ended up queuing way back in line (in the sun!) and from what we heard from other ppl in the front of the lline, they had either come in the afternoon on the previous day or at 6am on the morning of the showcase :s

The line finally started moving at around 5pm and thankfully we managed to get into the air-conditioned area - yay! We didn't get into the venue until 6.20pm (and yes, we were not near the front at all) and omg, it was such a good venue. There was plenty of room and it was nice and cool. Twas a really good place to hold a showcase ^^

The organisers then put Super Junior MVs onto the big screen (Sorry Sorry, It's You and Beauty) and also showed a video of them greeting Singaporean fans. Those videos/MVs were put on replay til the event actually started :p

The hosts/commentators then came out and they had a Q and A session where fans got picked to win a copy of the Bonamana album and a signed poster if they answered the question correctly but alot of us at the back couldn't hear a thing and were too far away for them to pick us.

At 7.35pm the showcase finally started and the first song performed was of course Bonamana! It was really good and the lighting was awesome but no fancam was taken unfortunately. The members then did a self-introduction (omg so cute) and they next introduced Jongwoon's solo but stupid me forgot to press record on the camera even though it was already on recording mode (YES I KNOW - FAIL).

Still though, his performance and voice was much much love and hearing him sing that song live is ♥ Yesung bias anyone???? ^^

They had just started performing Rokkugo when my friend's friend who works for Universal Music said she could get us into VIP so we were like yes!!!!! We had to dash out to get in through the other enterance so we missed abit of Rokkugo but it was totally worth it.

The VIP area was so close to the front and ShinDong, Yesung, Ryeowook and Donghae were closest to the side I was on so I was terribly pleased about that XD Ryeowook was really friendly, always smiling and waving but Yesung was actually playing with his nails and Heechul was looking blankly in our direction (I found out what happened when I came so don't deserve that boy :( )

Ok, events here then got abit blurry in my head lol. I think they performed Pajama Party next and then they definitely celebrated Ryeowook's birthday presenting him with a birthday cake with a minature grand piano on top of the cake. All of us then sang happy birthday in Korean and English to him and the other members tried (and suceeded) to get cake on his face lol.

They then performed Sorry Sorry (my friend got a really good fancam for this ( Eunhyuk focused because she is Eunhyuk biased) and then it was all over and the boys left the stage :(

Ater that, they had a lucky draw for 5 fans + a friend each to meet the boys backstage but did I win??? LOL I wish XD Congratulations to those lucky lucky people! The showcase then officiailly closed and when we went out back to see if we could catch a glimpse of them coming out, we saw the bus come out 20mins after the close of the showcase. (Yes I know, they left like so quickly but they had a 11.55pm flight to catch and that was just after 9pm so....)

All in all, it was a really short showcase but I still wouldn't have missed it for the world. Messages also weren't able to be delivered so I was dissapointed about that as well but the fact that 'It has to be You' was song performed still makes me content :)

The pictures I took can be found here:;l=4744c8d941 apologizes about the quality is not fantastic) and here's a really good link I found for pictures -

credit; SUPER♥Girl @

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