Friday, June 11, 2010

Super Junior slated to perform in Singapore for SS3

If Irene Ang* dares to bring them in, then Super Junior would definitely come to Singapore to hold a large-scale concert! Irene Ang accepted an exclusive interview with Lianhe Wanbao, and revealed that Fly Entertainment- which was founded by her- and the company, Running Into The Sun (RITS) under it, would be entering the “concert” industry, and for her very first event, it would be Korea’s big guns Super Junior’s Third Asia Tour: Super Show 3; and this will also be SJ’s first time holding an official concert in Singapore.

Before SS3, SJ had 2 Asia Tours, and took China, Hongkong, Phillipines, Thailand and Malaysia by storm, but have never came to Singapore. Other than looking at Singapore’s market (as in the amount of fans), the other reason is that Super Junior’s concert production fee is really high, therefore leaving a lot of local concert organizers unable to bring them in.

From what we know, local organizers have already discussed about SJ coming to Singapore for SS2, however, SJ’s popularity is rising every minute, and some say that this year’s fees would be 1.5 times of last year’s. And when the production fees for the stages are included, SJ’s one-night-concert would require lots of money.
Experts in the market have said that even if with the highest ticket price at around $200 SGD, even if the concert was sold out, without at least a few million dollars worth of sponsorship, there is no way that the concert organizers can breakeven.”

All those reasons deterred the organizing companies from bringing SJ in. However Irene Ang with her first time trying to organize a concert, along with her friend Beatrice Chia from RITS became the “dare-to-die” duo, to bring SJ’s Super Show 3 to Singapore for all the local K-Pop fans.

SJ announced in Korea yesterday regarding the 3rd Asia Tour, Super Show 3, would kickstart in Korea with 2 shows- on August 14th and 15th starting in Seoul, and would after that go to 13 Asian cities for 16 concerts, including Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
Bring SJ to Singapore would require a lot of money but Super Junior’s die hard fans do not have to worry- the price would take care of everyone’s pockets (as in, to take into account everyone’s savings).

Korean stars’ concert production fees are very high, in 2007 Rain had come to Singapore, the ticket pricings were as follows, $888SGD, $688SGD, $488SGD, $388SGD, and $288SGD, and even the cheapest was 188SGD.
Last year, Lee Minho from Boys over Flowers took advantage of that hype and came to Singapore to host a fanmeeting, which had 90 minutes of interview, some games, and sang a song, and the total cost was $98SGD, $148SGD and $188SGD.

“Korean production” is famous for being expensive, with stars like SJ, their fees would be rocket high, so fans are all very concerned about ticket pricing.

However, there is no need for such worries, because the previous Super Show 2, the highest ticket pricing did not exceed $250SGD, so it is believed that the prices for SS3 in Singapore would not be too expensive, and would also take care of the local student fans and their ability to afford the tickets.
RITS-in-charge Beatrice Chia also said that organizing SJ’s concert was “indeed very expensive”, but she also expressed that the ticket prices would not differ much from the others, and as SJ wishes- to take care of the student fans.

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