Friday, June 11, 2010

China fans spent 170 million won to buy Super Junior's album

Fans of the Korean group Super Junior have spent almost 170 million won altogether(about 480,000 ringgit) to buy their idol's albums. They then posted the receipts of their purchases online, causing a heated discussion among Korean netizens.

According to Korea's newspaper "Korea Daily* ", a Chinese fan posted pictures of the receipts online as "evidence", showing the huge number of albums they have bought. The record of the receipts showed 8100 copies of version A were sold on 13th May and 5100 copies of version B of the 4th album were sold on 20th May. The total cost of version A and B was 101,250,000 won and 66,250,000 won respectively. In total, 170++ million won was spent on purchasing their idol's albums.

Regarding Chinese fan's lavishness, Korean Netizens have shown great reaction, some saying "the power of a big country(China) is sure different" and "China fans are so great", "very cool indeed" etc. Some Korean fans also say "The passion of Chinese fans is really great, but it seems like the concert tickets in China are very expensive, Korea is still the best."

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