Friday, June 11, 2010

Zhou Mi hosted his first show that will be broadcast in Malaysia, Singapore etc

Zhou Mi’s SINA Update


English Translations:
Big V~ The few days of filming has ended, firstly have to thank the Honeys who came down to visit @ filming, prepared many stuffs, (are) so caring ^^ The new part in “Korean Impression” that I hosted will be out to see everyone officially on the 19th of June. Besides (it) being broadcast in 艺术人文* channel, it will be also broadcasted this August on TVB8 and 旅游卫视*. The director says that during this period of time, the channels in Malaysia, Singapore etc will also broadcast (the show), (i am) so nervous… Welcome everyone to watch it~ MC-Zhou will continue to jiayou**!

T/N: * 艺术人文 & 旅游卫视: Channels’ names. Since Im not sure the correct name in English, its better to leave it as it is ^^ 
** jiayou: Hwaiting/ work hard in chinese ^^

Credit: Zhou Mi SINA WeiBo
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