Sunday, May 23, 2010

[100522] Kim Heechul saved the Dream Concert?

Kim Heechul saved the Dream Concert ?! :D
On the 22nd, the 2010 Dream Concert was held at the Seoul Sang-Ahm
World Cup arena where Heechul, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Shin Se Kyung were
the MC’s.
There were no big problems during the concert but without Heechul, it
wouldn’t have gone as smoothly. It wasn’t hard to see that it was his
third year hosting the show.
Whenever the concert seemed to lose its energy, he would throw funny
comments. The singers took longer to get ready this time and people
were getting a bit impatient. Singers wouldn’t come out even after the
MC’s announced them. But he would show hidden talents, start singing
and dancing to stall the audience.
He helped out Taecyeon and Shin Se Kyung as well. Taecyeon would
perform little snippets of his talents as well but seemed a little
awkward in doing so because it was his first time hosting. Heechul
would help by going along with everything.
Shin Se Kyung would not put down her cue cards and kept making
awkward laughs at the jokes. Heechul would compliment her and make her
sing songs to loosen her up. I always knew Heechul had a hosting talent.

credit; allkpop

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