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[100523] SJ Fanmeeting - Fan Acc [part 3-ending]


– The order might not be correct –
[Part of performance]During Boom Boom, Eunhyuk took of his top. Then during Bonamana, he also revealed his top and danced… Everyone was screaming~
During Heechul’s solo, Ryeowook is playing on the keyboard and Sungmin is playing the bass. Heechul went to Sungmin’s side and touched his face… Ah… this two beauties. Then Heechul walked over to Ryeowook’s side and Ryeowook was hiding from him. Everyone was laughing badly. Heechul has no choice but to return to the center-stage and continued performing

During Yesung’s It Has To Be You solo. everyone was singing alone, it was so touching and the song is really very nice.
At the end of the Fan Meet everyone can ‘hi-five’<–?? with SJ members..
[Our Kim Youngwoon]Should be apporoximately the end of Marry U, suddenly Leeteuk’s voice appeared saying “Everyone should have missed him right?” Then suddenly, in the middle of the front stage, someone appeared – Kangin! At that moment, everyone couldn’t believe their eyes and everyone was so shocked. Kangin seemed to be a little fatter, and did not put on much makeup. Then he started greeting everyone.
“It really has been long since I last see everyone. Hello, I’m Kangin” “I will go to the army this July to fulfil the duty every man has to” “Hope everyone can understand my decision and continue supporting my members”
Then the other members also came out. Heechul even joked saying “Ah, even though is fatter, but it’s still our cute Kangin, right?” Then during this time when everyone is supposed to answer “yes”, there was no sound… Can only hear people crying… I don’t know how to describe the scene. Almost every single ELF was crying, and Kangin tells everyone “Don’t cry…” But when he is saying this line, his own tears fell too. Then the members on stage started crying too…
Kangin says “It wsa supposed to be a happy fanmeeting, but turned out to be this sad, is really apologetic to everyone” Then everyone started shouting “Kim Youngwoon” and after that, all the members returned backstage.
When they were performing “Chu”, Heechul is obviously not himself. He didn’t sing, and didn’t dance much. When Chu ends, Heechul told everyone “sorry” and can obviously see that his makeup on this face is gone from crying. Then the members start spliting into batches and walking/parading about on stage. Heechul was standing at the main stage crying..
When it ends, every members was on stage gretting the fans. Everyone keep shouting “Kim Heechul” and Leeteuk then discovered that Heechu wasn’t on stage. Sungmin went backstage to call Heechul up, his eyes were red and swollen from crying… Then everyone screamed for “Kim Youngwoon” and Leeteuk say, “Kangin ah, if you can come up, come up and say hello to everyone”. Then Kangin came up, already changed into casual outfit. Then the members cannot bear again… Heechul was holding on the Kangin’s hand and the other members were holding/hugging his shoulders. We can see from our side that Siwon’s head was bend and he keep tearing. Then when it’s Eunhyuk and Donghae’s turn, the two of them were crying nonstop.
Then everyone was shouting for Kangin to dance Bonamana for everyone~ He really danced!!!! The part @ “볼까말까볼까말까”, everyone was screaming again!! Kangin said he felt regretful that he wasn’t able to join 4jib activity with the other members, and hope that everyone can support 4jib activity. “Don’t forget Kangin, Hankyung and Kibum. SJ will have 5jib 6jib, hope that everyone will wait for me to be back”. Then Kangin said he missed shouting “Ori neun Super Juni-OR~” with the other members, hasn’t done it for a long time and hope to do it one more time. So all the 11 members did it on stage.
Heechul says that he and Leeteuk’s age is also quite old already, and perhaps will be going into the army soon, same for the other members. Leader then says that although there is no such thing as Forever in this world, really hope that everyone can always protect Super Junior, this name.
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  1. Kanging is my big cutie bear. I love him alot. We admire his courage and that he has take the decision to go into the army.

    We will wait for you Kangin. We love you!!!

  2. yea! we'll wait for you Kangin, Hangeng and Kibum too~

    this fan account made me tear too..