Sunday, May 23, 2010

[100523] SJ Fanmeeting - Fan Acc [part 2]


– The order might not be correct –
[The most touching moments of Super Junior]#1 After debut, after the first Inkigayo performance, the scene from the Fan Meeting. Leader says, there were alot of people that went that day, and as a new singer, SJ has broken a record. SJ has been breaking many records even since debut and is really thankful for the support and love everyone has been giving.
#2 The first performance of TWINS

#3 When U gotten first place. Seeing the VCR, all the members were crying so hard, especially Eunhyuk. He was crying until there was no image left during that time. So today he was being laughed at by the members. keke
#4 When they won the 3 awards through Sorry Sorry. This is a very precious memory.
#5 The scene when ELFs and Super Junior were singing Marry U during Super Show 1. At the Fanmeeting today, everyone was singing this song again. No matter when this song is being sang, it is very touching.
#6 The first Fanmeeting when SJ debut. In the VCR, Kyuhyun was holding on (helping) Heechul, who hasn’t recovered from the accident, up on stage. Really a touching scene.
#7 SJ’s first birthday party at their 1st year anniversary
[Playing games with lucky fans]They picked 5 fans to play guessing games with SJ.
One of them is a Japanese and it is to play with Siwon. So it turns up to be: Translator Sungmin, Fan and Siwon a group.
Second group is Leeteuk + Ryeowook + fan
Third group is Eunhyuk + Donghae + fan
Fourth group is Heechul + Kyuhyun + Fan
Fifth group is Yesung + Shindong + Fan
In the end, HeeKyu’s group won and this lucky fan get to take a photograph with Kyuhyun and Heechul.
MinWon and EunHae’s group gotten last and need to choose one group to be punished. So Sungmin and Eunhyuk represented both groups and played Rock,Paper, Stone. The two of them were standing back by back, and playing the game on top of their head = =|| In the end Sungmin lost, so MinWon has to be hit by the blown-up hammers.
Eunhyuk is in-charge of scolding Siwon.
Eunhyuk: Dont be too attention-seeking
Siwon: Can’t help because I am handsome
(Leeteuk: Eunhyuk ah, am going to lose. come something stronger~)
Eunhyuk: T.T So envious.
Then he hit Siwon gently.
Then its Donghae punishing Sungmin. Donghae spin and hit Sungmin’s head quite hard. Everyone was shocked. Then Sungmin used the hammer and whacked Donghae’s head. Donghae immediately kneeled on the ground, begging him to stop. So cute


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