Sunday, May 23, 2010

[100523] SJ Fanmeeting - Fan Acc [part 1]


– The order might not be correct –
Firstly its Sungmin and his pink-starry motorbike’s helmet, super cute ><
Sungmin says this is the present from fans during his first birthday when he debut
At the stage, Sungmin even performed riding the motorbike for everyone
When he “rode” back to the main stage, Eunhyuk pulled him and seemed to be saying that he is “driving without license” – -||

Then, its Eunhyuk’s personal items. It’s his pillow with two of his pictures
Eunhyuk says it is a gift from fans when he debut, he placed it on his bed. Has been 4 years already, and hasn’t washed once (everyone made a digusted sound)
Eunhyuk asked “Should I give the pillow to the fans here?”
Donghae said “That pillow is mine!”
Yesung’s personal item is a fan-made VCD by a fan
Its bilingual in Japanese and Korean, and it contains SJ’s live performances and some activities.
Yesung said it is a very precious gift and thanked the fans.
Kyuhyun’s personal item is the clarinet. Then Leeteuk told Kyuhyun to play it live. Kyuhyun said he hasn’t play it for long and needs to practise. Then he says he is now the Kyuhyun that is good in singing. Then everyone immediately says “Dance Kyu~~” Then after practising for a while, he started playing the clarinet. Erm.. He is shocked by himself too, because it came out a weird tune… Kyuhyun’s expression is super cute!!!!!!!! He is “OMO-ing” himself too. Then he also showed his ability as Dance-Kyu, he did the Eunhyuk’s solo part during Sorry Sorry.
Donghae’s personal item is a sapphireblue photo during Super Show I. He says he is very grateful to everyone for supporting SJ and there were beautiful memories during the 1st tour. He also hope that SJ and ELF were able to create better memories.
Shindong’s personal item is a Rubix Cube. He said that is the first birthday present Eunhyuk gave him. And it is from that day on that the two of them started talking, and slowly becoming closer. He also stayed up overnight before just to finish the Cube.
Ryeowook’s personal item is a SES CD. He even said he is SES Fan Club member. Ryeowook says he like SES’s Tell Me alot. Heechul says “Ah, you like Tell Me too? Me too” Then Ryeowook started singing for everyone. Heechul says “Ah, that is not the Tell Me i like…”
Siwon’s personal item is a notebook. Leeteuk even opened the book and read its content to everyone. What…”Until now still want to give up?” then Siwon snatched the book away. Then everyone started to ask Siwon to imitate a horse neighing. Siwon did it, super cute.
Leeteuk’s personal item is ELF Official Fanclub’s first season’s membership card. Leeteuk says this membership card specially credited for SJ, from #1 to #13, Leeteuk is #1. He says he is SJ #1 and is also ELF’s #1.
Heechul’s personal item is the metal rod he had once in his leg. Heechul says for him, that is a very strong memory. Before the accident, he had alot of activities everyday and is always tired and hence did not communicate much with the members and fans. After this incident, he was touched by the members’ concern and slowly began to be part of Super Junior’s family.

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