Sunday, June 6, 2010

[100602] Zhou Mi SINA Update

@周觅_SJM:结束了一天的拍摄,今天在韩国去了在明洞的SPAO店,太有意思了,在4楼的商品区看到有卖自己的海报呵呵~拜托造型师帮我拍了一张… SM TOWN一日游~
TRANS: @周觅_SJM:Ended a day of filming, today when to MyeongDong’s SPAO shop in Korea, it is too interesting, saw (them) selling my own poster at the #4 floor’s merchandise section keke~ Asked (the) stylist to help me take a photo… SM TOWN one day tour~

Credit: Zhou Mi SINA WeiBo
Translated by: minoko2440 @
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