Sunday, June 6, 2010

[100604] Zhou Mi's SINA Update

周觅_SJM:最近每天的天气都很好,阳光洒在身上好舒服,呵呵~ 托特哥和经纪人的福,现在可以早点收工了,明儿早上5点半去做造型….OH~MY LADY 始源,救命…… 顺便问一句:你们谁要和我一起上船,呵呵
TRANS: 周觅_SJM:Recently the weather everyday has been very good, (it) feels comfortable when the sunlight shines on the body, keke~ Thanks to Teuk hyung and manager, now (I) can knock off early, tomorrow have to do my image at 5:30 in the morning*… OH~ MY LADY Siwon, help……… And by the way, just asking it: Anyone of you want to come on the boat with me, keke

T/N: *do my image: go make up, prepare for a new image etc.
Credit: Zhou Mi’s SINA WeiBo
Trans: minoko2440 @
With additional help from EternalHua
Take out with full credits and do not add your own

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