Sunday, June 6, 2010

[100605] Super Junior at Music Core Filming [Fan Account]

Today, me and two other friends went to Music Core and lined up with ELF. We actually got into both the pre-recording and the full show. Let me just say that this was the BEST day of my seriously. The suju boys sure know how to make ELF go crazy..lmao XD During pre-recording, they had to perform two and a half times. The first time, I think was just a rehearsal cuz they weren't doing the dance full out and Sungmin bumped into Yehsung. They then started to do the real thing the 2nd time but stopped really quickly cuz Donghae messed up....haha FAIL! He was like: AISH! hahahahhh The last time was AWESOME!!! In between, while they were waiting, Shiwon kicked Eunhyuk and then asked him: aaw..does it hurt? lmao Then they shook hands..those weirdos...haha. Shiwon was just so hyperactive today. When they were all ready and in position for bonamana to start, he suddenly reached out and did injoong on Yehsung. hahahaha. Then he made this gross face and wiped his finger. Oh yea! The first thing Eunhyuk did when he saw ELF was to complain about how the boys poured water on him..aaw..what a cutie. Heechul was shooting Shindong with his hand, and Shindong then shot ELF. Of course we all screamed our heads off. Then Shindong made Sungmin shoot ELF too, and Sungmin did it all sexily. Yehsung tried to kick someone and failed. I think it was Shiwon, but no one noticed. Yehsung just got ignored hahahahha so fail! At the end of pre-recording, all of suju went inside (Donghae waved and smiled!!) and the guards were like rushing us out but then Teukie ran back and started bowing to like every sections. We all rushed to wave to him ahahaa The guards were REALLY annoyed with us, I bet. For the actual show, Shiwon was dancing to a girl group...I don't remember which one (it wasn't any of the popular ones). Suju came out at the very end when Bonamana pre-recording was playing. Shiwon took off the vest he was wearing, and ELF screamed. I think Heechul hugged him. biggrin.gif During the 83-line part, Teukie showed his abs and then Heechul hugged him from behind and I think felt Teukie's abs hahahah Teukie got all shy. Then Shiwon leaned on Eunhyuk while lipsyncing to his part. So cute!!!! Then we went to the parking lot to see them off. It took a long time for Suju to come out (I think they were the last ones), and Eunhyuk opened up the sunroof to wave at ELF. I filmed it with my camera but it's really shaky. I'm not sure if he's visible from my cam so I didn't upload it. If you're in korea, you HAVE to try to see these boys. Watching them online is nothing like watching them in real life. It felt so surreal...I still think I'm dreaming..omg. They're all REALLY good-looking and extremely funny. So much fan-service today..haha
Just read the previous comments and someone said ELF didn't scream when Min did Kyu's part. I have to clarify, Min got one of the loudest screams today. So don't worry smile.gif
Just remembered some more!! During pre-recording, the suju boys kept on bursting out into random dance moves inbetween especially Heechul hahaha. And Teukie and Hyuk were practicing the Bonamana skate dance cuz the PD came and told them something. 

Fanaccount by: oinkie@soompi
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