Sunday, June 6, 2010

[100606] Heechul Received Messages from Antis - Twitter

Heechul Tweet;
기분 좋게 싱가폴에 있는데 웬 욕문자들이 많이 왔어ㅡ내번혼 어찌알고.. 천번 챙겨주고 친하고 예쁘다해도 예능을 예능으로 못보고.. 천년만년 띄워줘야 좋다 할껀가ㅡ문자들이 하도 가관으로 와서 나까지 유치해졌는데.. 진짜 어이가 없어서 나참..
 I'm very happy coming to Singapore but then I received so many text messages cursing me. How did they get my phone number..Even if I take care of them a thousand times, being friendly, and telling them they are pretty, they can't see the variety show as itself..can't they say they like me even if I show up for a thousand years, ten thousand years..but their texts were not really good. This is so horrid.

Sungmin Tweet;
@Heedictator 희철형 왜그래요~그일때문에 아까부터 표정 안좋은거예요?신경쓰지마요~무서워잉~~
@Heedictator What is wrong Heechul hyung~is it because of that that you look so mad?~ Don't care about it~ so scary~ 

source; @heedictator, @myblacksmile
translation;(cr: aeKYU @

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