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[100605] To Go by Secret Route on Arrival on 6th Super Junior say 'Sorry Sorry' to Fans

To go by secret route on arrival on 6th Super Junior say 'Sorry Sorry' to fans

Singapore fans express disappointment at (Super Junior) "not revealing faces" at Immigration, Super Junior specially sent their greetings yesterday, and sincerely apologized to Singapore fans.

Invited by SingTel and Samsung to market the exclusive global release of the new Galaxy S mobile phones for the two companies, Super Junior (SJ) will be coming to hold a closed-door concert. Finally coming to Singapore for the first time, fans await eagerly but because of SJ's 4th album 'Bonamana' promotions in Korea, they would only be in Singapore for half-a-day due to their tight schedule, causing fans to feel disappointed. Due to Kyuhyun's admittance to the hospital for ear surgery, only 9 members (Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sunming, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook) would be able to come, causing more disappointment for fans.

Despite of earlier rumours that SJ will enter by the secret exit route, but because of their idols' rare first visit to the Lion City, local SJ fans would definitely not miss any opportunities to meet their idols. Fans have already gathered and planned to pick them at the airport tomorrow, hoping their idols would be able to feel their enthusiasm and love. However, through facebook yesterday organizers have confirmed that SJ would not be entering through the regular channel.

Fans' heartbroken protest
Fans' only chance to see their idols vanished, heartbroken, agitated, protest!

Being in far away Korea, after SJ came to know (this), through their representative SM Entertainment yesterday, (they) specially apologized to local fans. They said, "Because of time limitation and tight schedules, (we're) unable to meet everyone at the airport, we feel sorry about it too."

Escort by 50 bodyguards
9 SJ members coming to Singapore, 40-50 bodyguards mobilized to escort (them).

As the biggest1 as well as the hottest2 male idol group now, SJ's presence will lead to commotion everywhere. In order to protect SJ's safety, organizers will not neglect (their safety) this time, will be mobilizing at least 40 bodyguards to control the scene, of which 10 bodyguards would be escorting personally.

SJ is scheduled to board Singapore Airlines flight SQ603, arriving at 2:15PM, and returning to Seoul on the 7th AM. Only staying for a short half-day, although (they are) big stars, however did not put forward any conditions for special treatment.

Their only request is on food and beverage, hoping that they could have Korean cuisine.

Members claimed to be unfilial
SJ defeat Wonder Girls, new single 'Miinah (Bonamana)' won K-Chart for 3 consecutive weeks. Painstaking efforts on 4th album sees sales shine, but SJ expresses regrets to parents, claiming that they are unfilial sons. SJ's album 'Bonamana' has been crowned first on Korea's Hanteo charts for the daily, weekly and monthly standings, an outstanding achievement. Behind the success, other than the hard work and sweat, there is also the regret of not being filial piety towards (their) parents.

Through this album, members express their love and respect towards their parents, thanking them for (respecting) their decisions on choosing the route to stardom. Among them, the more self-blaming (that he is a) unfilial son, Ryeowook said, "From your son who it's difficult to see and difficult to make even one phone call to... Mom and Dad I really miss you... I'm an undutiful son who thinks of my parents today too before I sleep. I love you!3"

Eunhyuk said, "Thank you to my dad and mom who are always having to bear with missing their son, I'm sorry that I cannot repay you more. I'll work hard to become a son you can be more proud of. Also since I'm embarrassed I never say it but I really love you^^!3"

Sensitive Donghae wrote a letter to his deceased father, “Father in heaven please watch over me and see how I overcome many trials, how I smile, cry, am happy, and am sad... And when I see you again later, please say I really missed you. I love you my son Donghae ^^ .... I LOVE S.Y.L4"

*written in English
1 referring to the group size
2 referring to their popularity
3 Translations taken from SJ-WORLD.NET by GAIA
4 Translations taken from SJ-WORLD.NET by ♥ jubee ♥

Source: LianHeWanBao
Translated by SJ-WORLD.NET

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