Saturday, May 15, 2010

[100514] Hankyung Crowned as Asia's Dancing King

In the Asian music industry, there are a lot of idols who can dance, but being praised as ‘dancing king’ by the fans, it would be only quite a few of them. Mandarin pop industry VanNess Wu, Show Lo, Hangeng, Stanley Huang, or Kpop idols Jang Woohyuk, Yoo Seung Jun, Nam Hyun Joon, Rain, all of them could dance so well and appealing. But who is the ‘Asia dancing king’ among the Chinese netiznens after all?
According to the survey conducted by CRI online, after a intense competition, Hangeng won by 560 thousand votes, winning the name of ‘Asia dancing king’! Hezhen(a Chinese native) people usually dance and sings well, Hangeng even graduated from the dancing department of Minzu University of China, so he was able to dance 56 kinds of national dance. His strength is dancing ballad, he knows martial arts, not to mention modern dance too. He is good looking, besides that, he had a approachable and warm personality, no wonder why many of the Chinese fans falls for him!

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