Saturday, May 15, 2010

4th Album - Leeteuk Thanks To

Having the thinking that everyday is the last day, finishing the 4th album seriously. There are many mountains to climb, and coming down from the mountain now, wanting to reach the next peak. Even though it’s alright, even though (I) can take it, whenever (it is) very tired, very lonely, I can take it all. The members that I love, that has been following this me that is not doing well, has been feeling very secured because of you all. But still feel very apologetic, thank you. And also to my family members that has been trusting me, thank you. The PD and staffs that has been with me since 2006 when i was DJ-ing, thank you. All the Staffs in SJ, having a hard time because of us, right? In order to be the sunbaes and hoobaes that are being respected, will be more hardworking and humble. The Yonghwan hyung that turned SJ into the real Superman, Binjun hyung, Seunghwan hyung, Daebin hyung, can i follow hyungs no matter when? The dearest sister (like real sister) that has been busy lately~ Yoona, let’s work hard together. Ai-gogogogo~ Aiyigoo~ Thank you and love you. Lastly, the one that make my dreams come true, isn’t fickled, did not cheat, keep on waiting, and the one that make us all into one… Our best friends, the best fans! The ELFs in the world is the best. Not only for a while, but its forever. Not the END but an AND.

Credit: Baidu Teuk’s bar 百度特吧
Chinese Translation: 木子
English Translation: minoko2440 @

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