Saturday, May 15, 2010

SJ's Twitter Update After Comeback Stage on Music Bank

Done well with the 1st performance~ It’s hard to be on the stage from the beginning since it’s been a long time but I feel really great!! We could save our face because so many fans were there^.^ We’ve been out of sort these days but thank you so much!! So you guys and we are the main^-^ I’m on my way to Young Street~ Though I’m 28 years old I wanted to look milky by the meaning of starting again and so lost much weight and put an idol style Haha Since we prepared it ambitiously you must shut and like it Hahahaha I’m so using nice words~ Hehe~
Good morning.. Ah.. tired Hahahaha
Ugh sleepy!! But cannot sleep Haha How was today’s stage?

Finally got successful on the 1st performance^^ Please give much much love to Bonamana^^ Thank you E.L.F & Super Junior =1 I love ELF

I was on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio with all the members together!! Everyone thank you so much..^^ Ah!! And Shimshimtapa is a transcription today Next Wednesday we’ll invite Super Junior^^ Ho

A commemoration for SuJu’s comeback!!I’m giving you a daebak picture..No photoshop!!!No edited!!!It’s just the original photo^^

One more picture!!!!!!!^^Willing to work really hard!!Wish there’d be a lot of good things!!!I’m not a jimseungdol ever!!!I wanna be a ssaekkeundol Hahahaha(Jimseungdol – a rough idol star, Ssaekkeundol – a sexy idol star)
For 4jib daebak!!!^^One more pic!!!! Hope 2010 be full of good things…I’m not a jimseungdol ever~Call me a ssaekkeundol Haha

credit; @Heedictator @ShinsFriends @special1004 @donghae861015
trans; ASHKooKoo @ twitter
shared by; SapphirePearls

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