Saturday, May 15, 2010

Superband and Super Junior-M’s Nominations Stir Controversy

They might not have much in common other than being “Super”, but the Golden Melody Awards nominations for Superband and Super Junior-M have sure caused some controversies.
Super Junior-M released their Chinese mini album last year to further expand their Asian market. Although the Mandarin pronunciations from some of their Korean members might be questionable, fans didn’t mind and flocked to buy their album anyways. Unfortunately, soon after their nomination for Best Singing Group was announced, netizens were already questioning why they were nominated despite their shaky Mandarin. Other netizens came to their defense and stressed that they were in fact singing in Chinese. Superduper Superband was also criticized by netizens on their nomination for Best Band. The band was formed in 2008 with veteran superstars Lo Da-Yu (55), Jonathan Lee (51), Emil Chau (49) and Chang Chen-Yue (36). They have performed over 40 shows in the past two years and is estimated to have made 4.3 billion (NTD). The band announced that they will breakup after racking up enough retirement savings their concert tour. Some netizens questioned the choice nominating a “Limited-time only” band.
Regardless of anyone’s opinion, Superband will take home at least one Golden Melody award on June 26th – They will be given a special judging committee award for their contributions to the music industry.

Primary Source: TVBS, UDN
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