Saturday, May 15, 2010

4th Album - Eunhyuk Thanks To

Thanks to Father Lord who has been directing me to move forward no matter what happens.
Thanks to the father that has to bear with all his misses for his son, mother, because I can't repay anything, I feel so apologetic. I will become the son that you are proud of. And, because (i am) shy, the words that I never said, I really love you all ^^! The noona that knows my heart the best, with no secrets! Sorry for not contacting you always, and also sorry for saying about beating hit by you daily on radio ㅋㅋ Now I will talk more good things about noona- ^^
And to the ones that have been praying for me in the name of love, realy thank you very much~ This time Super Junior released a new album, and really thankful to everyone that has been working so hard for it, including Lee Sooman teacher, Kim Youngmin and everyone in SM family, and also the trustable managers hyungs who has been with us. [Daksama], Mr. Satan, Daebin hyung… And also everyone with us]. Already looking so good but to the make up artists that make us shine brighter!!! , Shan teacher that is really..Jingeun noona, Feng noona, BB, Lastella and staffs, really ~~~ has been treating us so well Go~o~o~o~o~on noona, and the Min Heejin nooa that has been worrying for us, really thank you. [Those that I have not mentioned the real name here, if you feel upset, really sorry ㅋㅋㅋ no matter what, I am still grateful ^^] Have been doing KissTheRadio for 4 years. During this time, the staffs that has been working with us!!!! Although I can't call out the name one by one, but is really very grateful, and really learnt alot!!! The family in StarKing, Strong Heart and Let’s Go Dream Team, you made me more handsome in the shows, and have many appearance, so grateful~ I will keep working hard, always!!!! And my other members !!! Amusement Park!!! My ashtray’s friend, Changmin, What’s up Minho, manager Minjae, Sapphire blue bong (Seeya member), YanZhi, SeoYoung, Eunjing, Sooyan, Rascal (Leeteuk), Beige Ryeowook, Butterfly ZhiHo, Hong Dero, Basketball player Seo Yijae, am really grateful to everyone. Everyone has been ~~~~ really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand, I am the representative ya, Eun Rep~~ My friends, XX FRiend, Sunghyun, Green-headed mosquito (Dongmin), Problematic (InTeuk), Cheap/For sale (Zejian), really miss you all so much~~~!!!
And the Jonghyun hyung that really turn me from a little Anchovy into human!!! hyung is the tallest~ Thank you my exercise family, Yesung hyung, Sungmin hyung, Ryeowook, Luna…!! And also thank you to MAX Fitness^^ New family, poisonous frog, fresh fish ㅋㅋㅋ really love you all, i love you all!! Hwaiting ^^– And the Dongho hyung that has been giving me lots of advice, and Boom for leading me to become what I am, I will always believe and follow hyungs!!! Including BoA sunbae, TVXQ, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), and there are so many sunbaes and hoobaes in the entertainment biz, lets work hard together!!! Be closer~^^ Lastly, the best thing that happen to me in life… Our Super Junior… This is the biggest support that I have gotten. Although always say, but that’s just us, let’s not change… Really thankful, really sorry.. really love you all !!!!!!!!!! And our forever friends that has been waiting for us for so long, ELFs… … You have beared for so long, really very thankful… In order to repay your hopes, we really worked hard to prepare. During now and in the future, hope that we will be by each other’s side, trusting each other, becoming the one that is worthy of being proud, being envious of. I love you all ^^
Chinese Translation: momoxirain
English Translation: minoko2440 @
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